Achievements ( 183 / 280 )
General Achievements ( 26 / 30 )
Achievement Getting Started Getting Started
Achievement I know the place I know the place
Achievement Know it all Know it all
Achievement Getting too old for this s**t Getting too old for this s**t
Achievement Veteran Member Veteran Member
Achievement The Water Guy The Water Guy
Achievement The Pro Player The Pro Player
Achievement The Marathon Runner The Marathon Runner
Achievement The Legend The Legend
Achievement The Newbie The Newbie
Achievement The Gamer The Gamer
Achievement The Unstoppable The Unstoppable
Achievement The PC Burner The PC Burner
Achievement The Server Advertiser The Server Advertiser
Achievement Public Figure Public Figure
Achievement The Show Starter The Show Starter
Achievement The Gold Digger The Gold Digger
Achievement The Conquistador The Conquistador
Achievement The Real Estate Agent The Real Estate Agent
Achievement The Business Man The Business Man
Achievement The Trader The Trader
Achievement The Criminal The Criminal
Achievement The Runner The Runner
Achievement The Surrenderer The Surrenderer
Achievement The Burglar The Burglar
Achievement Prison Break Prison Break
Achievement The Wanted The Wanted
Achievement The Most Wanted The Most Wanted
Achievement The Sly Fox The Sly Fox
Achievement Chase Master Chase Master
General Faction Achievements ( 7 / 7 )
Achievement Faction Member Faction Member
Achievement Faction Promotion Faction Promotion
Achievement Faction Membership Faction Membership
Achievement Rookie Member Rookie Member
Achievement Experienced Member Experienced Member
Achievement Master Member Master Member
Achievement Veteran Member Veteran Member
Peaceful Faction Achievements ( 4 / 20 )
Achievement Peaceful Faction Membership Peaceful Faction Membership
Achievement Peaceful Rookie Member Peaceful Rookie Member
Achievement Peaceful Experienced Member Peaceful Experienced Member
Achievement Peaceful Master Member Peaceful Master Member
Achievement Peaceful Veteran Member Peaceful Veteran Member
Achievement Rookie Taxi Driver Rookie Taxi Driver
Achievement Experienced Taxi Driver Experienced Taxi Driver
Achievement Master Taxi Driver Master Taxi Driver
Achievement Rookie Instructor Rookie Instructor
Achievement Experienced Instructor Experienced Instructor
Achievement Master Instructor Master Instructor
Achievement Rookie Paramedic Rookie Paramedic
Achievement Experienced Paramedic Experienced Paramedic
Achievement Master Paramedic Master Paramedic
Achievement Rookie Tower Rookie Tower
Achievement Experienced Tower Experienced Tower
Achievement Master Tower Master Tower
Achievement Rookie Reporter Rookie Reporter
Achievement Experienced Reporter Experienced Reporter
Achievement Master Reporter Master Reporter
Gangs Achievements ( 7 / 13 )
Achievement Gang Membership Gang Membership
Achievement Gang Rookie Member Gang Rookie Member
Achievement Gang Experienced Member Gang Experienced Member
Achievement Gang Master Member Gang Master Member
Achievement Gang Veteran Member Gang Veteran Member
Achievement Rookie Warrior Rookie Warrior
Achievement Experienced Warrior Experienced Warrior
Achievement Master Warrior Master Warrior
Achievement The Almighty Gangster The Almighty Gangster
Achievement The Conqueror The Conqueror
Achievement Base Camper Base Camper
Achievement Terminator Terminator
Achievement United Front United Front
Departments Achievements ( 19 / 21 )
Achievement Department Faction Membership Department Faction Membership
Achievement Department Rookie Member Department Rookie Member
Achievement Department Experienced Member Department Experienced Member
Achievement Department Master Member Department Master Member
Achievement Department Veteran Member Department Veteran Member
Achievement Rookie Cop Rookie Cop
Achievement Experienced Cop Experienced Cop
Achievement Master Cop Master Cop
Achievement The Liberator The Liberator
Achievement The Locker The Locker
Achievement Frisky Hands Frisky Hands
Achievement The Wanted Giver The Wanted Giver
Achievement The Confiscator The Confiscator
Achievement The Stunner The Stunner
Achievement The Rammer The Rammer
Achievement The Cuffer The Cuffer
Achievement Officer's Revenge Officer's Revenge
Achievement The License Taker The License Taker
Achievement The Speed Enforcer The Speed Enforcer
Achievement The Incognito The Incognito
Achievement The Punisher The Punisher
Mixt Factions Achievements ( 0 / 18 )
Achievement Hitmen Membership Hitmen Membership
Achievement Hitmen Rookie Member Hitmen Rookie Member
Achievement Hitmen Experienced Member Hitmen Experienced Member
Achievement Hitmen Master Member Hitmen Master Member
Achievement Hitmen Veteran Member Hitmen Veteran Member
Achievement Rookie Hitman Rookie Hitman
Achievement Experienced Hitman Experienced Hitman
Achievement Master Hitman Master Hitman
Achievement The Intruder The Intruder
Achievement Deadshot Deadshot
Achievement The Stabber The Stabber
Achievement Mayor Membership Mayor Membership
Achievement The Tax Giver The Tax Giver
Achievement Sons Of Anarchy Membership Sons Of Anarchy Membership
Achievement Sons Of Anarchy Rookie Member Sons Of Anarchy Rookie Member
Achievement Sons Of Anarchy Experienced Member Sons Of Anarchy Experienced Member
Achievement Sons Of Anarchy Master Member Sons Of Anarchy Master Member
Achievement Sons Of Anarchy Veteran Member Sons Of Anarchy Veteran Member
Jobs Achievements ( 91 / 108 )
Achievement The Trucker The Trucker
Achievement Rookie Trucker Rookie Trucker
Achievement Experienced Trucker Experienced Trucker
Achievement Master Trucker Master Trucker
Achievement Grand Master Trucker Grand Master Trucker
Achievement Challenger Trucker Challenger Trucker
Achievement Epic Trucker Epic Trucker
Achievement Legend Trucker Legend Trucker
Achievement The Farmer The Farmer
Achievement Rookie Farmer Rookie Farmer
Achievement Experienced Farmer Experienced Farmer
Achievement Master Farmer Master Farmer
Achievement The Quarry Worker The Quarry Worker
Achievement Rookie Loader Rookie Loader
Achievement Experienced Loader Experienced Loader
Achievement Master Loader Master Loader
Achievement Grand Master Loader Grand Master Loader
Achievement Challenger Loader Challenger Loader
Achievement Epic Loader Epic Loader
Achievement Legend Loader Legend Loader
Achievement The Transporter The Transporter
Achievement Rookie Transporter Rookie Transporter
Achievement Experienced Transporter Experienced Transporter
Achievement Master Transporter Master Transporter
Achievement Grand Master Transporter Grand Master Transporter
Achievement Challenger Transporter Challenger Transporter
Achievement Epic Transporter Epic Transporter
Achievement Legend Transporter Legend Transporter
Achievement The Mechanic The Mechanic
Achievement Rookie Mechanic Rookie Mechanic
Achievement Experienced Mechanic Experienced Mechanic
Achievement Master Mechanic Master Mechanic
Achievement The Lumberjack The Lumberjack
Achievement Rookie Lumberjack Rookie Lumberjack
Achievement Experienced Lumberjack Experienced Lumberjack
Achievement Master Lumberjack Master Lumberjack
Achievement Grand Master Lumberjack Grand Master Lumberjack
Achievement Challenger Lumberjack Challenger Lumberjack
Achievement Epic Lumberjack Epic Lumberjack
Achievement Legend Lumberjack Legend Lumberjack
Achievement The Miner The Miner
Achievement Rookie Miner Rookie Miner
Achievement Experienced Miner Experienced Miner
Achievement Master Miner Master Miner
Achievement Grand Master Miner Grand Master Miner
Achievement Challenger Miner Challenger Miner
Achievement Epic Miner Epic Miner
Achievement Legend Miner Legend Miner
Achievement The Detective The Detective
Achievement Rookie Detective Rookie Detective
Achievement Experienced Detective Experienced Detective
Achievement Master Detective Master Detective
Achievement The Lawyer The Lawyer
Achievement Rookie Lawyer Rookie Lawyer
Achievement Experienced Lawyer Experienced Lawyer
Achievement Master Lawyer Master Lawyer
Achievement The Pocket Thief The Pocket Thief
Achievement Rookie Thief Rookie Thief
Achievement Experienced Thief Experienced Thief
Achievement Master Thief Master Thief
Achievement Grand Master Thief Grand Master Thief
Achievement Challenger Thief Challenger Thief
Achievement Epic Thief Epic Thief
Achievement Legend Thief Legend Thief
Achievement The Car Jacker The Car Jacker
Achievement Rookie Jacker Rookie Jacker
Achievement Experienced Jacker Experienced Jacker
Achievement Master Jacker Master Jacker
Achievement The Drugs Dealer The Drugs Dealer
Achievement Rookie Drugs Dealer Rookie Drugs Dealer
Achievement Experienced Drugs Dealer Experienced Drugs Dealer
Achievement Master Drugs Dealer Master Drugs Dealer
Achievement The Arms Dealer The Arms Dealer
Achievement Rookie Arms Dealer Rookie Arms Dealer
Achievement Experienced Arms Dealer Experienced Arms Dealer
Achievement Master Arms Dealer Master Arms Dealer
Achievement Rookie Fisherman Rookie Fisherman
Achievement Talented Fisherman Talented Fisherman
Achievement Experienced Fisherman Experienced Fisherman
Achievement Master Fisherman Master Fisherman
Achievement Grand Master Fisherman Grand Master Fisherman
Achievement Challenger Fisherman Challenger Fisherman
Achievement Epic Fisherman Epic Fisherman
Achievement Legend Fisherman Legend Fisherman
Achievement Rookie Chemist Rookie Chemist
Achievement Talented Chemist Talented Chemist
Achievement Experienced Chemist Experienced Chemist
Achievement Master Chemist Master Chemist
Achievement Grand Master Chemist Grand Master Chemist
Achievement Challenger Chemist Challenger Chemist
Achievement Epic Chemist Epic Chemist
Achievement Legend Chemist Legend Chemist
Achievement Rookie Craftsman Rookie Craftsman
Achievement Talented Craftsman Talented Craftsman
Achievement Experienced Craftsman Experienced Craftsman
Achievement Master Craftsman Master Craftsman
Achievement Grand Master Craftsman Grand Master Craftsman
Achievement Challenger Craftsman Challenger Craftsman
Achievement Epic Craftsman Epic Craftsman
Achievement Legend Craftsman Legend Craftsman
Achievement Rookie Archeologist Rookie Archeologist
Achievement Talented Archeologist Talented Archeologist
Achievement Experienced Archeologist Experienced Archeologist
Achievement Master Archeologist Master Archeologist
Achievement Grand Master Archeologist Grand Master Archeologist
Achievement Challenger Archeologist Challenger Archeologist
Achievement Epic Archeologist Epic Archeologist
Achievement Legend Archeologist Legend Archeologist
Staff Achievements ( 0 / 16 )
Achievement Welcome to the League Welcome to the League
Achievement The Dictionary The Dictionary
Achievement The Father The Father
Achievement The Handler The Handler
Achievement The Aider The Aider
Achievement The Tour Guide The Tour Guide
Achievement The Supervisor The Supervisor
Achievement The Foster House The Foster House
Achievement The Hostel The Hostel
Achievement The Asylum The Asylum
Achievement The Good Guy The Good Guy
Achievement The Bad Guy The Bad Guy
Achievement The Rules Addict The Rules Addict
Achievement The Forgiver The Forgiver
Achievement The Friendly Goodbye The Friendly Goodbye
Achievement The Cold Blooded The Cold Blooded
Clans Achievements ( 7 / 13 )
Achievement Clan Membership Clan Membership
Achievement Clan Rookie Member Clan Rookie Member
Achievement Clan Experienced Member Clan Experienced Member
Achievement Clan Master Member Clan Master Member
Achievement Clan Veteran Member Clan Veteran Member
Achievement Le Big Boss Le Big Boss
Achievement The Hoarder The Hoarder
Achievement Expandable Owner Expandable Owner
Achievement Gaining Respect Gaining Respect
Achievement Members Love You Members Love You
Achievement Peacemaker Peacemaker
Achievement The Sprayer The Sprayer
Achievement Turf Dominator Turf Dominator
Vehicles Achievements ( 7 / 14 )
Achievement Smells Like New Smells Like New
Achievement The Cheapskate The Cheapskate
Achievement Rookie Driver Rookie Driver
Achievement Experienced Driver Experienced Driver
Achievement Master Driver Master Driver
Achievement Rookie Pilot Rookie Pilot
Achievement Experienced Pilot Experienced Pilot
Achievement Master Pilot Master Pilot
Achievement Rookie Sailor Rookie Sailor
Achievement Experienced Sailor Experienced Sailor
Achievement Master Sailor Master Sailor
Achievement Rookie Biker Rookie Biker
Achievement Experienced Biker Experienced Biker
Achievement Master Biker Master Biker
Combat Achievements ( 14 / 18 )
Achievement Warhammer Warhammer
Achievement Global Offensive Global Offensive
Achievement Picasso Picasso
Achievement Pistol Rookie Pistol Rookie
Achievement Pistol Gunner Pistol Gunner
Achievement Pistol Master Pistol Master
Achievement SMG Rookie SMG Rookie
Achievement SMG Gunner SMG Gunner
Achievement SMG Master SMG Master
Achievement Assault Rookie Assault Rookie
Achievement Assault Gunner Assault Gunner
Achievement Assault Master Assault Master
Achievement Shotgun Rookie Shotgun Rookie
Achievement Shotgun Gunner Shotgun Gunner
Achievement Shotgun Master Shotgun Master
Achievement Rifle Rookie Rifle Rookie
Achievement Rifle Gunner Rifle Gunner
Achievement Rifle Master Rifle Master
Special Achievements ( 1 / 2 )
Achievement First buy First buy
Achievement Economy Savior Economy Savior