SF School Instructors
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Applications closing time: Not set
Max applications: Not set
Minimum level: 7

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San Fierro School Instructor is a peaceful faction found in San Fierro (Foster Valley) and its members purpose is selling licenses.

Licenses required level:

- fishing (level 1);

- materials (level 1);

- flying (level 1);

- sailing (level 1);

- weapon (level 5).

Auto park:

- 4x Merit available to rank 1+ members;

- 2x Sultan available to rank 3+ members;

- 3x Speeder;

- 3x Maverick.

According to frequent statistics, SFSI always was, still is and will be the most active and disciplined of all the three School Instructors factions. If you seek for peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, a friendly collective and being one of the best, join SF School Instructors! The minimum requirements are: level 7, activity, discipline and English knowledge, which means the application MUST be sent in English as well.